• May 4, 2010


    Contact: Hubert Sawyers III, Media and Blogger Relations
    Comm.Unity Advantage / SORSAW


    Over 50 Members Of Detroit's Urban Music Community Featured
    In A Star-Studded Music Marathon To Mark A Grand Closing And New Beginnings

    Detroit, Michigan - May 3, 2010 - On Saturday, May 15th, from 5pm to 5am, 50 Detroit artists will perform at 5e Gallery at the first annual 50 for 5e Music Festival. The event will commemorate 5e's last day at their current Corktown location and fundraise for several renovations needed at their newly-purchased venue. This music marathon launches an engaging community investment campaign, also titled "$50 for 5e," which will invite community members to pitch in on 5e Gallery's transformation into a new space and format.

    $50 for 5e is a unique presale model, developed in collaboration with Detroit Hip-Hop artist Invincible's EMERGENCE Media, which will allow 5e supporters to pre-purchase ticket packets that include 10 event admissions and 5 drink tickets for the low cost of $50. These tickets will be for use at the new venue location when it opens for business before the end of 2010.

    5e Gallery is the first Hip-Hop cultural venue of its kind to offer ongoing pre-sale tickets and the community investment ethic doesn't end at ticket entries. 5e Gallery coordinators Sicari Ware and Piper Carter plan to build in input and involvement options to insure programming will meet the needs of 5e's community members. As Ware says, "It's important to involve community in every step of the process. The venue should have a relationship with both the surrounding neighborhood of Corktown, as well as the Detroit artistic community which it serves. This approach allows for involvement in the development stages so that those communities can help shape the vision of 5e moving forward."

    5e also aims to expand their work to focus on healthy living when they move into their new location. This will be embodied by new services such as a raw juice bar and backyard garden, which will provide some of the vegetables for the juice bar.

    The May 15th launch event will be the first time ticket packets are available and all purchasers will receive free entry to the 12 hour music festival. Patrons who cannot afford the $50 packet will be asked to donate $5 for 5e, in the spirit of the Gallery's existing online 5eGallery.org donation drive. Amongst the 50 artists performing at the event are T3 (of Slum Village), Miz Korona, jessica Care moore, John Arnold and Invincible. The current 5e Gallery is located at 2125 Michigan Ave in Detroit.

    Sicari Ware, a DJ and youth worker, founded 5e Gallery in Corktown—the oldest neighborhood in Detroit—back in 2008. His intention was raising public awareness and encouraging visual arts, music, Hip-Hop culture and community through exhibitions and education. Since then it has served as an outlet for artists, musicians and people to unify and empower themselves. The space has also become a resource for various nonprofit organizations to utilize for fundraising, community events and cultural awareness programming.


    If you'd like more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with Sicari Ware and/or Piper Carter, please call Hubert Sawyers III at 313-802-4075 or e-mail Hubert at hubert@sorsaw.com

  • March 29, 2010

    Get what's left from SXSW: dope original signed and numbered posters by 20/20 artists for the EMERGENCE-presented "DXSW" Detroit Hip-Hop showcase and "The Revival: SXSW" women in Hip-Hop showcase. We've also got DXSW tees, priced to move!

    20/20 Poster Series - CLICK HERE TO BUY
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  • March 17, 2010

    EMERGENCE team member, Wes Taylor, along with his classmates Micheal Boswell and Elle Kim at the Cranbrook Academy of Arts, has launched a new website dedicated to print and typography called 20/20.

    20/20 has released four unique screen printed posters to commemorate EMERGENCE's events at SXSW2010. These very limited signed and numbered prints will be available for sale at EMERGENCE's official SXSW events.

    "The Coney Special" - Micheal Boswell - 5 colors - 15x22

    "The Official" - Wes Taylor - 5 colors - 15x22

    "The Revival" - Elle Kim - 3 colors - 15x22

    "The Revival (neon leopard)" - Haynes Riley - 3 colors - 15x22

    20/20 is hosting a Zine & Poster Show this April. Event details and opportunities to submit work, here.

  • March 15, 2010

    Check out these clips of Invincible and Miz Korona performing live at the Metro Times Blowout. Footage courtesy of the TheFembassy.com.

    Catch Invincible and Miz Korona performing at South By Southwest.

  • February 5, 2010

    Check out this mixtape DJ Graffiti recently put together in preparation for the big show on Friday, February 5th.  Recorded live, the 11-track project features songs by M-1, Black Milk, One Be Lo, Buff1, and Invincible.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to buy your tickets for the show from Ticketmaster.

    Tracklist + Download Link below

    1.       M1 (of Dead Prez) – “I Am I’m Not”

    2.       One Be Lo ft. Decompoze – “What It’s All About” [Rmx]

    3.       Buff1 – “The Shift”

    4.       Black Milk – “Give The Drummer Sum”

    5.       One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner – “Pigs”

    6.       Buff1 – “Beat The Speakers Up”

    7.       M1 (of Dead Prez) ft. Ghostface Killah – “Been Through”

    8.       Invincible – “Sledgehammer!”

    9.       Black Milk – “Keep Going”

    10.     Invincible & Finale – “Don’t Sleep”

    11.     Dead Prez – “Hip Hop”

    > > > Download HERE

  • January 24, 2010

    Via Davey D:

    A couple of months ago Detroit rap artist and activist Invincible touched down in Austin and San Antonio to share her musical talents and weigh in on an issue many in the community had been grappling with - Gentrification. Invincible noted that poor people being displaced from their neighborhood by more affluent residents was a huge deal in Detroit, so much so that she and her partner Finale did a song about it and accompanied it with a mini-documentary called Locusts. The video garnered lots of critical acclaim and has been a powerful teaching tool that Invincible often uses when speaking with young people while touring the country.

    Locusts was a big hit when she swung through East Austin and talked with local youth over at PODER headquarters. The organization has long been dealing with gentrification, but Invincible being a popular Hip Hop artist with a video help crystalize the issue even more for the young people she met during her widely attended writing and political workshops. She encouraged people to hone in on their artistic skills and use them to bring attention to issues and concerns impacting their lives and the community. The workshops were incredible as many of the people stepped up and spoke truth to power. One of the people inspired was 16 year old Gabriel Padilla who has a keen interest in politics and pretty handy with editing and working the camera.

    Padilla who has been a part of PODER’s Young Scholars for Justice Program wanted to get this issue wider exposure so he got together with PODER co-director Erika Gonzalez and counselor Peter Mendoza to do an ambitious full length documentary on gentrification in East Austin. In the weeks that followed, Padilla would come by the PODER office, meet with Gonzalez and Mendoza, help draw out a storyline, get feedback and advice, and basically grind away to craft what many are now seeing an important piece of work. His film which has been broken down into three parts was shown last month at Space 12. ...

    We’ve gotten to know young Gabriel over the past few months as we would often see him and other young scholars speaking out at school board meetings and city council hearings. Padilla reminds us all that the future generation is on point and can move mountains if given the chance. We salute him for a job well done… Enjoy the documentary.

  • January 17, 2010

    Invincible's "The Emperor's Clothes" was featured on the January 7, 2010 edition of Democracy Now!. The track comes in at 21:38.

  • January 3, 2010

    Invincible contributed a verse on a remix of the song "Resistencia" by Brazilian emcee Kamau. Give the track a listen here.

  • December 23, 2009

    The Revival (Europe, 2009, 17 min) Directed by Invincible. Produced by EMERGENCE Media and Iqaa the Olivetone. The Revival gives a candid glimpse into the first meeting of legendary Hip-Hop pioneer Roxanne Shante and veteran Philly emcee Bahamadia, as they trade stories of their struggles and triumphs in the industry over their long careers. It also shows the exchange of lessons between them and up-and-coming artists DJ Shortee, Eternia, Stacy Epps, and Invincible. This short documentary, a collage of performances and behind the scenes footage, was filmed and directed by Invincible while on the road in Europe as part of We-B Girlz all women in independent Hip-Hop tour. The largest all female Hip-Hop tour of its kind, it spanned over three weeks, six countries, and featured dozens of female artists who performed for tens of thousands of supporters. In support of the release of The Revival, The Fembassy is featuring weekly interviews with the artists from The Revival.

  • December 21, 2009

    The Revival (2009) features performances and behind the scenes footage filmed by Invincible while on the road in Europe as part of We-B Girlz, an all women independent Hip-Hop tour. Starring Invincible, Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia, Stacy Epps, DJ Shortee, and Eternia.

    Directed by Invincible for EMERGENCE Media.

    Full 17-minute film coming soon at www.EMERGENCEmusic.net and www.TheFembassy.com