Metro Times: Invincible's SXSW showcases two of the best received shows of 2010. Tonight: SXSW 2011 send-off at the Shelter in Detroit


""Last year, Ilana Weaver (aka Invincible), threw a couple of key showcases in Austin that highlighted the crème de la crème of Detroit hip hop such as the "DXSW" event and The Revival: SXSW Women in Hip Hop showcase that ended up being, in the opinion of many, two of the best received shows in Austin, regardless of genre…"I was at the show that Invincible did in Austin last year, and I really enjoyed it," DeVries says. "I told her that I want to be a part of it next year, but because [Invincible] decided to be more of an artist this year, she's not organizing a Detroit show. She had so much on her plate last year. I was kind of intimidated to take on the role in her absence this year, but I realize it's important to the Michigan hip-hop acts to have a showcase to play, so I'm doing it."

Coney's and Cuervo happens Friday, March 11, at The Shelter (431 E. Congress, Detroit; 313-961-MELT) $10, $25 VIP. Danny Brown, Ro Spit, Invincible, Finale, Jon Connor, MarvWon, FowL, Quest MCody, Cold Men Young, J Young the General, Red Pill, PL, DRG, Young Scolla, Pato, and DJ Soko will all perform."