Complex Movements in Arts.Black

Posted on March 31, 2016

Complex Movements was recently mentioned in a piece from Arts.Black by Taylor Renee Aldrige titled Transplant Exploits: Detroit's Savior Complex, which reviews artist Ryan Mendoza’s project “The White House” as an example of the intersections of white savior complexes and the phenomenon of obsession with “ruin porn” in Detroit. Complex Movements is offered as an alternative to this narrative, along with several other Detroit-based projects. She writes,

“...There are creators in Detroit who are tackling the issue of blight and community development without exploitation. For instance, the artist collective Complex Movements uses a variety of media to engage individuals in communities around the nation to participate in an immersive environment designed to embody the communal lessons found within complex sciences. The interactive pod, Beware of the Dandelions, inspired by Grace Lee Boggs and community led social justice movements, encourages the notion that change happens through critical connections rather than critical mass. Complex Movements has equipped themselves with information that helps communities work through issues around gentrification, blight, and social injustice. “

Thanks to Arts.Black for the acknowledgement!