Beware Of The Dandelions

Complex Movements' current project Beware of the Dandelions is a mobile art installation that functions as a performance, workshop space, and visual arts exhibition.

The piece intersects disciplines including: community organizing, design, hip-hop and electronic music, architecture, and theater. The experience occurs inside a 400 square foot polyhedron dome-like pod structure. The performance and generative design are projected onto the surface of the pod to create an immersive visual and sound experience that incorporates science-fiction, projections, songs, and interactive game elements. 


Beware of the Dandelions in Detroit

After touring with Beware of the Dandelions in Seattle and Dallas, Complex Movements presented the project in Detroit during October, 2016. The schedule included 20 performances, 4 installation viewings, and 10 community events. Click on the links below for the full schedule of feature performances, installation viewings, and social justice events in Detroit.