• Tim Kvasnosky - music and sound design consultant
  • Tyrone Clemons- 3D animation
  • Nizar Wattad - story consultant
  • Clyde Valentin- dramaturgist
  • Heidi Boisvert - experience designer
Lead Organizational Partners

Emergence Media / DIRT TECH RECK / Allied Media Projects / Talking Dolls Studio

Local Presenters, Community Cohorts, and Additional Project Partners

Allied Media Projects and Talking Dolls (co-presenters)

  • B. Anthony Holley- Conscious Community Cooperative ThinkTank,The Cooperation Group, Readyo Radio, Mindful B Enterprises
  • Dakarai Carter- Black Youth Project 100 Detroit, Detroit Future Youth Network
  • Kezia Curtis- Detroit Restorative Justice Center, Feedem Freedom, Black Lives Matter Detroit
  • Halima Cassells- Free Market of Detroit, Center for Community Based Enterprise, Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition, One Mile Detroit
  • Michelle Martinez- Mira! Collective, Swimming in the Detroit River Collective
  • Ryan Myers Johnson- Sidewalk Arts Festival, Ryan Myers Johnson Dance Company
  • Shane Bernardo- Detroit Asian Youth Project, Uprooting Racism Planting Justice, Earthworks, Swimming in the Detroit River Collective
  • Stacy’e J- Liquid Flow

Detroit community cohort bios can be found here.


Clyde Valentin - SMU Ignite Arts Dallas (presenter)

  • Sara Mokuria- Mothers Against Police Brutality (cohort coordinator)
  • Jodi Voice- American Indian Heritage Day in Texas Committee (cohort coordinator)
  • Tisha Crear- Susu Eco, Oak Cliff Cultural Center
  • Maria Yolisma Garcia- North Texas Dream Team
  • Ramon Mejia- Streets Organizing for Liberation
  • Harold Steward- Fahari Arts, South Dallas Cultural Center
  • Carol Zou- Trans.Lation Vickery Meadow, Michelada Think Tank

On The Boards (presenter)

  • Luzviminda Carpenter- Uzuri Consulting and Productions (cohort coordinator)
  • Inye Wokoma- Ijo Arts (cohort coordinator)
  • Henry Luke- Anakbayan Seattle
  • James Williams and Nikkita - Ending the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC), Youth Undoing Institutional Racism
  • Jill Mangaliman- Got Green
  • Ijeoma Oluo
  • FEEST Seattle
  • Youth Speaks Seattle
  • Wyking Garrett- Africatown Seattle
  • Tracy Rector- Longhouse Media
Advisors (2010-2016)

Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015) / The Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership / Meg Wheatley / Badr Albanna / Kathie Sanchez / Kweli Tutashinda / Salina Gray / Rha Goddess (Move The Crowd) / adrienne maree brown / Jenny Lee / Diana Nucera / dream hampton / Shira Hassan / alexis pauline gumbs / Gibran Rivera / Paula X Rojas / Patrisse Marie Cullors / Mark-Anthony Johnson / Micha Cardenas / Una Lee / Michael Premo / Movement Generation / Sarah Gonzales / Ashley Sparks / Tunde Olaniran / Paolo Pedercini / Kamal Sinclair