Invincible + Waajeed

In 2010, one of Detroit’s most hard-working and respected emcees, Invincible, teamed up with one of Hip-Hop’s most versatile and respected producers, Waajeed, to release Detroit Summer / Emergence, a two-song 7” and digital single. 

The title track of the single is a sequel to the earlier Invincible and Waajeed collaboration, "Detroit Winter," off the renown Platinum Pied Pipers Triple P album.

The single’s B-side “Emergence,” features a stadium worthy Waajeed musical backdrop with Invincible's lyrics juxtaposing the scientific and philosophical concept of emergence with the emergent power of community-led movements for social change. 

The record's hand printed covers were designed by Wesley Taylor, a limited number of which came with a now sold-out "Invincible + Waajeed" sticker pack. Detroit Summer / Emergence serves as a musical, lyrical, and design direction to the collaboration now known as Complex Movements


Detroit Summer / Emergence on iTunes



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