Charity Mahouna Hicks: Wage Love

Posted on December 15, 2014

"Wage Love" is a call to action shared with us in Detroit by Charity Mahouna Hicks, who joined the ancestors in July 2014.

Charity is a beloved water warrior and activist in many movements that she contributed to and helped shape, in both her lifelong home of Detroit, and internationally. She is also a healer, a philosopher, and a spiritual practitioner. Below is a video created in collaboration with Halima Cassells, Lottie Spadie, Kate Levy, and ill for Charity's home going ceremony:

Charity urged us to Wage Love for an end to the water shut offs targeting Detroit's low-income residents, and for the keeping of water in the public trust.

To Wage Love to end genetically modified foods seeds and the privatization of biology, and toward seed saving.

To Wage Love for true food justice.

To Wage Love for climate justice.

To Wage Love for Black Women's leadership.

To Wage Love for the African Diaspora and decolonizing Africa.

To Wage Love for the liberation of all people.

To Wage Love to end land grabs and for communities determining their own development.

To Wage Love for the work of reframing the We.

Most importantly, Wage Love is a call to sustain ourselves and our relationships in this long-haul struggle before we burn out. It acknowledges that rage is what ignites us but love is what sustains us. That we have to truly love ourselves and each other in order to do what needs to be done.

What are you Waging Love for?