Complex Movements launches "Beware Of The Dandelions" tour

Posted on January 20, 2015

After over five years of community conversations and creative development exploring the concept of complex science in juxtaposition with social justice movements, Complex Movements will begin touring Beware of The Dandelions, a collaborative art installation, performance, and workshop series.

Sage Crump, producer, has developed a unique community engagement strategy for the project that goes beyond simply touring an art installation and performance, and works towards broader cultural organizing and movement building.

The Beware of The Dandelions community engagement strategy begins with building community cohorts and advisory circles consisting of artists, organizers, and other community members in host cities. Through these community cohorts we listen and learn about community resistance and resilience in the face of challenges, and exchange stories and strategies between each city and Detroit.

Complex Movements community cohort

The community cohorts are in motion in five cities: Detroit, Seattle, Dallas, Washington DC, and Miami. If you are in one of these cities and are interested in supporting or getting involved, please contact us. Throughout the coming year, the Complex Movements artists will work in each city to deepen connections, support local organizing, and collaborate with the community cohorts on evolving the art installation and performance content of Beware of The Dandelions.

Complex Movements will return to Dallas twice in 2015, including a community residency and a performance engagement, presented by the SMU Meadows School Art and Urbanism Initiative.

On the Boards will host Beware of the Dandelions for an engagement in Seattle, April 17 through May 10. This month of programming includes performances a visual art exhibition, and a workshop series. 

During the Allied Media Conference, June 18 - 21 in Detroit, we will convene the Complex Movements' Art, Science and Social Movements Cohort. This network gathering is an opportunity to connect members from the community cohorts in person to cross pollinate strategies and nurture critical connections. 

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Text of this blog post by ill/Invincible. Photos by Alexis Lim and Kim Leeson.