Theater Jones Review: Complex Movements: Beware of the Dandelions | Ignite/Arts Dallas

Posted on April 07, 2016

Janice L. Franklin recently reviewed Beware of the Dandelions for Theater Jones. See what she had to say below:

" Detroit's Complex Movements offers an unforgettable immersive performance and visual art experience with Beware of the Dandelions in Fair Park, in SMU's Arts and Urbanism initiative. 

 “We all carry the weight of long term neglect.” It is impossible to overstate the power of the words spoken by Invincible. It is not simply the word choices but the tone and vocal inflections coupled with the rhythmic sense that reverberate like shock waves to the senses. “Forcing me to pay for my defiance.” The ‘beyond the barbed wire’ segment is aptly metaphorical, brilliantly seamed together in a way that is direct and unflinching in its pointedness. Waajeed’s bass accompaniment is sheer perfection, the music redirecting the audience’s pulse rendering all compliant and in full surrender to the textures and the beats. One can only imagine how many hours were spent modeling, building the animation, creating all of the imagery that causes the audience to pay attention to every detail. Thousands of hours. The work in Beware of the Dandelions is rigorous, intelligent, and provocative. "

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