The Stranger: "The Politicized Theater of Detroit-Based Collective Complex Movements"

Posted on April 26, 2015

The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly newspaper, offers a deep dive into Complex Movements on the occasion of the collective’s ongoing month-long residency presented by the performing arts organization, On The Boards.

"Complex Movements," The Stranger writes, "certainly lives up to its name." The article, "The Politicized Theater of Detroit-Based Collective Complex Movements," explores the expansive politics and vision of Complex Movements and shares a synopsis of the Beware of the Dandelions multimedia installation, performance, and organizing project. It includes a full interview with the collective on the philosophical origins of the project, the project’s relationship to Detroit, and the connections cultivated with each of the communities in which the work is presented.

Explore the full schedule of performances and community events in Seattle.

Read the full article and interview at The Stranger