Born in Flames

About the Tour

The Born in Flames Tour bridges the worlds of hip hop and rock, and spotlights women who represent the best of both worlds, bringing together two crucibles of creativity—Brooklyn and Detroit. Featured artists Invincible, Tamar-kali, and Jean Grae are all highly-respected in their individual scenes, and their ever-growing fan bases will continue to elevate them into cult status well into the future. The name of the tour, Born in Flames, speaks to the pressure these artists feel from from a world that’s often at odds with their very existence, be it black/woman/queer/punk, etc.

The tour name nod is also a nod to the obscure 1983 sci-fi film Born in Flames. Each artist has their own connection to the title, from Tamar-kali's independent label Flaming Yoni, to Jean Grae's alter ego the Phoenix. And like the city motto for Invincible's home of Detroit, "Resurget Cineribus" (Latin for “From the ashes, we will rise again.”), all three of these dynamic performers are always rising up and pulling audiences up with them. The tour will be well documented for the third short film in Invincible's documentary series The Revival.

The Born in Flames tour aims to affirm that outsider artists can win in the music industry by putting on powerful, original, and authentic live show that attracts new fans, night after night. Through this multi-genre tour, fans of Invincible and Jean Grae will be moved by Tamar-kali's hard rock spirit and, in turn, Tamar-kali's fans will be reminded of the power of real hip-hop. Each artist will leave an indelible mark on every stage they set ablaze.


Born In Flames : Feu militant (Mondomix)
Born in Flames, Reborn on Tour (In Media Res)